Southwest Photography Adventure

August 12th - 14th SOLD OUT

Additional Dates: August 9th - 11th. Booking now open!


From lush woodland to world-class coastline, the Southwest is a photographers paradise.

There is no doubt that the Southwest is one of the best areas for landscape photography within a reasonable distance from Perth. As a result of this many photographers often head South for a weekend, but have you noticed most people constantly just visit and photograph the same iconic locations over and over? Most of the popular areas have been photographed so many times that it is almost impossible to come back with anything truly unique, but luckily the entire southwest coastline is filled with photographic gems waiting to be discovered.

I'd had enough of going to the same locations every time, and that's where the idea for a workshop with a completely unique itinerary came from. On this 3-4 day trip I will have a full itinerary of beautiful southwest scenery to photograph, where none of the other photo tours are going. Some of the locations will challenge your creativity because you will need to come up with new compositions that haven't been seen before, whilst others are easier to photograph but take that little bit of extra effort to get to.

We'll base ourselves in Dunsborough, just 3hrs South of Perth. This workshop is suitable for photographers of any skill level. From complete beginners, to the little more advanced. 

We will be hiking and rock hopping to get to some of the locations for this workshop, a reasonable amount fitness is required. You also must be stable on your feet as we will be walking across a lot of uneven, loose, and slippery ground.

What will I learn?

- Setting up your camera for landscape photography: Learn which camera gear is necessary to capture your desired images.

- Photography fundamentals: How to shoot using manual mode & understanding aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and white balance.

- Composition techniques: Create captivating images that stand out from the rest in a positive way.

- Planning: Learn to plan your photography for the best results. This includes using natural light effectively and using apps to predict ideal conditions for each shoot.

- Exposure blending: Using on location practical techniques, followed by adobe post processing. This is an invaluable technique to learn for landscape photographers when photographing sunset/sunrises & for astrophotography.

-Image Stacking: Combining multiple images to create a specific effect. There many different types of stacking such as focus stacking, stacking to reduce noise at a high ISO, and stacking to create a long exposure effect.

- Post processing: Editing images from start to finish using Adobe lightroom &/or Photoshop.

Strictly limited to 5 participants! See relevant image gallery below.

Flexible Itinerary

Subject to change due to unpredictable weather conditions.

Day 1: 12th August

2:30pm - Meet at designated car park in Cape Naturalise National Park (15 min from Dunsborough) for our first shoot. To get to our photography location we will walk 20 minutes up the coast from the car park. Access to this location is moderately difficult as the "trail" is made up of loose boulders that often shift as they are stepped on.

The destination is a great area for capturing seascape images as the waves crash between rocks on the coast and a larger rock further out. At certain times of the year an electric green moss is present which will add some nice colour to the images.

Day 2: 13th August

6:00am - Meet at the designated car park in Meelup Regional Park (10 minutes from Dunsborough). From here it is a short scramble down the rock onto a popular beach with a notable rock feature and some interesting foreground rock. It is a popular area to visit but I don't see many landscape photographs from here and I don't think many would recognise my image (shot 2 from the gallery above).

2:00pm - Quinninup Falls afternoon shoot (depending on recent rainfall, if there has not been much rain before our workshop the falls won't have much flow, we'll go somewhere else).

The walk into Quinninup Falls begins at the Moses Rock Rd carpark, from here we follow the cape to cape walk trail for approximately 2km to get to the falls. The trail is uneven ground and some soft sand.

Day 3: 14th August

6:20am - Yalgardup Falls sunrise shoot. Also known as the Kevill Rd Waterfall. This is easy to access and a stunning waterfall that will be flowing quite well by August. It so secret by all means, and it is very easy to access, but I have noticed that many photographers miss out on this opportunity to add some diversity to their Southwest portfolio so I have included it in the workshop.

8:00am - Margaret River Karri forest walk. This is where I took the shot above (number 3 in the gallery) and I'm sure there is a lot more potential photographs in the area but if not it is still a great spot to walk out. The full walk trail is 2.4km, easy walking, we may or may not do the entire loop.

3:00pm - Sunset shoot near Cape Naturaliste (dependant on road and beach conditions - alternative is another location South of Yallingup). From the car park it is about a 20-30 minute walk down to the beach that we will be shooting (if conditions are suitable). Getting down involves walking down a steep trail off the side of a sand dune, we will have to walk back up this in the dark to get to the vehicles.

A 1.5hr Post Processing Demo will also be held on Zoom afterwards. The time and date for this will be organised later.

Recommended Photography Equipment

Photography equipment is NOT supplied. At a minimum, you need your own camera, tripod, lens(es), memory cards (with plenty of space), and batteries (fully charged).

If I could only choose one lens to bring with me on this trip, It would be a 14-24mm for full frame users, and a 10-24mm for crop sensor users.
A good, sturdy tripod is highly recommended. You'll want one that allows full control of the leg angle, as this can be critical for setting up on uneven ground and getting the camera nice and low. I recommend that you have a ball head attached to the tripod also, as this will allow you to easily level your camera once set up.

I also highly recommend participants to have a polarising (CPL filter)
for their lenses.  You can view my guide on tripods, or filters for more information.


Maximum 5 Participants - $700pp. 

You can book via EFT or PayPal. PayPal bookings incur a 2.6% surcharge.

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