Burns Beach Landscape Photography Workshop - March 2024

Join landscape photographer Nathan Dobbie for a 2.5hr hour workshop at one of Perth's most photogenic beaches!

March 10th 2024

$150pp - Maximum of 5 participants.

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Burns Beach is just 30 minutes from the Perth CBD, and is one of the most photographable beaches in the area. The exposed rocky coastline is always changing making it a great location to return to again and again.

Meet at this stunning local beach for a sunset shoot, where we will start by getting familiar with our camera gear and talk about planning landscape photography shoots for optimal results.

I will demonstrate a few different filter set ups work and explain when, where, and which filters to use for the best results in specific situations. I will also cover all of the landscape basics, including ideal camera settings, planning, and lens selection.

Following the initial briefing, we will make our way to the shoot location where I will coach each individual participant based on their experience and needs. This session will go for approximately 3 hours leading up until sunset, and finishing just after.

- I currently have a special offer for all participants in this workshop to receive a 20% discount off of other upcoming events! More information is available at the bottom of this page.

What will I learn?

- Setting up your camera for landscape photography: Learn which camera equipment is necessary to capture your desired images.

- Photography fundamentals: How to shoot using manual mode & understanding aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and white balance.

- Composition techniques: Create captivating images that stand out from the rest in a positive way.

- Planning: Learn to plan your photography for the best results. This includes using natural light effectively.

- Use of lens filters to create the desired effect. Whether that be mitigating harsh lighting, controlling reflections and glare, or using a long exposure technique to capture movement in the water.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at photography enthusiasts of any skill who might;

- Want to increase their photography knowledge in a practical, on location setting.

- Meet and socialise with other local photographers.

Strictly limited to 5 participants!

I keep the group small so each participant can receive individual assistance.


Arrive at the meeting point (TBA after sign up) 4:15pm - workshop ends at 6:45pm

What to bring:

For this workshop, you'll need to have your own transport to and from the location.

Please also bring any food/water, or medications that you may need.

We'll be doing a small amount of walking (200m) to get to our photography destination from the carpark, so please come prepared and bring appropriate footwear. It can become quite windy and cold in the afternoons at this time of year also. The walk involves a short but steep descent down some stairs, followed by some soft sand.

Recommended Photography Equipment

Photography equipment is NOT supplied. At a minimum, you need your own camera, tripod, lens(es), memory cards (with plenty of space), and batteries (fully charged).

I recommend lenses with a focal length of 24-70mm and 14-24mm (full frame equivalent, contact me if you are unsure).

A good, sturdy tripod is highly recommended. You'll want one that allows full control of the leg angle, as this can be critical for setting up on uneven ground and getting the camera nice and low. I recommend that you have a ball head attached to the tripod also, as this will allow you to easily level your camera once set up. If you would like assistance in choosing the right tripod for you, contact me and I will be happy to assist. Read my guide to tripod selection for landscape photography here.

Filters such as a ND filter or CPL may come in useful on this workshop but are not strictly necessary. Read my guide on filters for landscape photography here.

Lastly, and importantly, I highly recommend bringing some lens cleaning equipment for this workshop as sea spray is common and will show up in the photos. I use a rocket blower, microfibre cloth, and lens cleaning solution to keep my lens and filters clean.


The workshop price is $150 and there are is a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 participants. In the event the minimum numbers are not met and the workshop can not run, all payments will be refunded.

To Book:

- Please fill out this form to register your interest in attending this workshop.

- Once enough forms have been completed, I will contact guests in the order of completion. In the event of more than 5 bookings, I notify all sign ups of their position in the wait list.

We will proceed regardless of weather conditions, with the exception of consistent - heavy rain, or a severe & dangerous weather forecast.

Please ensure you can attend the workshop prior to booking, as we can not offer a refund or credit for a future workshop if you change your mind and your place can not be filled. We do however allow bookings to be transferred to an alternate guest. Full workshop terms and conditions here.

Special Offer! Save 20% on future workshops.

All participants on this workshop are eligible to attend the following workshops at a discounted price, and with higher priority! Just complete the registration forms and you will be contacted with a chance to book before the other guests. See the details below for workshop dates and discounted pricing.

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