Kimberley & Gibb River Road Photography Tour 2023

May 3rd - 17th

MAXIMUM 6 PHOTOGRAPHY PARTICIPANTS (family & friends are welcome on this trip if travelling in your own vehicle)

Join Nature By Nathan and Kimberley Dreaming for the trip of a lifetime on this 15 DAY tour across Australia's premiere travel destination: The Kimberley.

This is the ultimate photography tour for landscape photographers in Australia. We will be visiting many gorges and waterfalls, and as we are doing this trip early in the season there is likely going to be a lot of water flow.

The Kimberley Region is world famous for it's vast wilderness areas. It covers an area 3 times larger than England, but with a population of less than 40,000 people, making it one of the most sparsely populated areas in the world, and a true outback experience.

If the thought of photographing a vast landscape filled with steep rocky canyons, raging waterfalls, rugged hillsides and lush green hideaways is exciting, then this tour is for you!

On this photography tour we plant to spend two days in Broome before travelling the Gibb for 10 days, and then arriving in Kununurra. We'll spend the night here and then our final 2 days will be at Lake Argyle, one of the most beautiful destinations in the state.

The trip is inclusive of camping fees and passes, some meals will be provided (not all), photographic guidance is provided throughout by a professional photographer, and there will be plenty of post processing assistance along the way. We are keeping the itinerary very flexible to make the most of our opportunities here. The Kimberley is a wild and unpredictable remote region of Australia, late season rain can cause road and gorge closes which is out of our control, if this impacts the tour in any way we will offer an alternate shoot/campsite.

What's included?

- 15 days of professional photography guidance and feedback. Nathan Dobbie will be coaching you to get the most out of your camera equipment with on location assistance and post processing.

-Travel throughout the tour (for those that opt to join us in the Kimberley Dreaming Vehicles)

- Swags & Tents throughout the tour for those that opt to join us in the Kimberley Dreaming Vehicles.

-Park and campsite fees

- Dinner for our  time in Broome, Kununurra, and Lake Argyle as well as dinner every second night on the Gibb River Rd prepared by Kimberley Dreaming.

- A cultural rock art tour on the Mitchell Plateau

- Helicopter transfer to Mitchell Falls

- Access to some of the most incredible scenery in Australia!!

What will I learn?

- Setting up your camera for landscape photography: Learn which camera gear is necessary to capture your desired images.

- Photography fundamentals: How to shoot using manual mode & understanding aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and white balance.

- Composition techniques: Create captivating images that stand out from the rest in a positive way.

- Planning: Learn to plan your photography for the best results. This includes using natural light effectively and using apps to predict ideal conditions for each shoot.

- Exposure blending: Using on location practical techniques, followed by adobe post processing. This is an invaluable technique to learn for landscape photographers when photographing sunset/sunrises & for astrophotography.

-Image Stacking: Combining multiple images to create a specific effect. There many different types of stacking such as focus stacking, stacking to reduce noise at a high ISO, and stacking to create a long exposure effect.

- Post processing: Editing images from start to finish using Adobe lightroom &/or Photoshop.

Strictly limited to 6 photography participants! See tour highlights below.

Broome & West Kimberley Coastline

For the first two days of tour we'll be photographing the magnificent West Kimberley Coast. The seaside scenes here are like no other and this will be the perfect place to get acquainted  with each other and our camera equipment before heading out of civilisation!

Windjana Gorge & Tunnel Creek

Early on in the tour we'll be visiting Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek for our first taste of rugged Kimberley landscapes and gorges. The Lennard River flows through the old Devonian Reef system here and is home to many freshwater crocodiles. This will be our first taste of the true Kimberley experience, although it is just a teaser on what's to come!

Bell Gorge

No doubt one of the highlights for any visitors on the Gibb River Road. Bell Gorge contains a series of cascading waterfalls and freshwater pools surrounded by rugged red hillsides and vertical cliff faces. We camp at the nearby Silent Grove campsite and as there is too much to see in once visit we will have to photographic excursions out here to photograph Bell Gorge both at sunset and sunrise!

Galvans & Manning Gorge

Galvans Gorge will amaze with it's lush freshwater pool lined with ferns. It even has it's own seasonal waterfall complete with iconic Boab tree on top! Manning Gorge is well worth the hike as it boasts another large waterfall and rock pool which is a great spot for a swim, and even better for photography! There are also many beautiful scenes to capture around camp and on the way to the waterfall!

The Mitchell Plateau

A truly remote part of the world. The Mitchell Plateau is home to the famous Mitchell Falls along with many other beautiful cascades and vistas. As we head North from Drysdale River Station, the landscape begins to change and is soon covered in palms giving it a real prehistoric feel and photo opportunities are endless! We plan to spend at least a few nights up here to cover the best of the area.

El Questro Station

El Questro is a true outback oasis, and it's close proximity to the Eastern end of the Gibb River Road makes it a popular destination. There is so many great attractions along the way here including Emma Gorge, El Questro Gorge, Zebedee Springs, and Branco's Lookout! Some of these locations may require a little bit of extra effort to get to, but the photographic opportunities reward your effort X10.

Lake Argyle & Kununurra

In the local Miriwoong language "Kununurra" means big water - and the town certainly lives up to the name of that! Situated at the edge of town is Mirima National Park, often referred to as the "Mini Bungles". Lake Argyle is just 45 minutes away and is one of the most beautiful freshwater lakes in the country, it is so large and vast in fact that it is considered an inland sea! There are sunset boat cruise options available for your stay here also.

What to bring:

Self drive guests will need to be completely self sufficient for this tour.

Recommended Photography Equipment

Photography equipment is NOT supplied. At a minimum, you need your own camera, tripod, lens(es), memory cards (with plenty of space), and batteries (fully charged).

If I could only choose one lens to bring with me on this trip, It would be a 24-70mm  I would also recommend a 14-24mm for full frame users, and a 10-24mm for crop sensor users.
A good, sturdy tripod is highly recommended. You'll want one that allows full control of the leg angle, as this can be critical for setting up on uneven ground and getting the camera nice and low. I recommend that you have a ball head attached to the tripod also, as this will allow you to easily level your camera once set up.
I also highly recommend participants to have a polarising (CPL filter) for their lenses.  You can view my guide on tripods, or filters for more information.


By booking, you are agreeing to the Nature By Nathan Workshop Terms & Conditions. To book we require you to fill out this 2023 Gibb River Road Photography Tour Form and we will then contact you to organise invoicing and gather any other information necessary.

Maximum 6 photography participants! If travelling in your own vehicle non photographer friends and family are welcome to join for a small fee to cover costs with some conditions.

Pricing is as follows:

Traveling in own vehicle - $6990pp

Traveling in Kimberley Dreaming Vehicle (MAX 5 GUESTS) - $8490

Additional Photographer travelling in own vehicle - $1490