Karijini Workshops 2021

March 29th - 31st (SOLD OUT) April 1st - 3rd BOOKING NOW OPEN

In edition to the 6 day Karijini Photography Tour, I will be running Workshops throughout the park on a day to day basis. These workshops are more budget friendly, but are NOT inclusive of food, travel, and accommodation. You'll be responsible for organising this. We'll be visiting many of the most photogenic areas of the park, which are accessible to the general public.

Strictly limited to 3 participants per day!

These workshops will consist of a sunrise shoot at the top of a gorge, followed immediately after we will hike down and make the most of the morning light, before returning for a late breakfast.
After a busy morning, we have a bit of down time to relax or go for a swim.
In the afternoon we'll head off to another gorge (exact times TBA) for yet another shoot.

A one on one online post-processing workshop will be included for each day you attend! I'll organise times and dates for these once I return home at the end of April. (If you attend all 3 days, you'll have 3 post-processing workshops available which can be spaced out as much as you like)

Day 1 - 1st April

Sunrise at Oxer Lookout (meeting at the Weano/Hancock carkpark 0530.

Hancock Gorge shoot - Kermit's Pool, Spider Walk, Etc. If we are still feeling keen after Hancock, we can head straight down to Handrail Pool in Weano Gorge too (depending on water level).

Late Breakfast/Downtime - I'll leave it up to you what you do throughout the middle of the day.

Afternoon Shoot at Hammersley Gorge - We'll arrive with plenty of time (exact time TBA) to photograph Spa Pool & Hammersley Gorge in the afternoon shade, with the possibility of photographing sunset from the top.

Day 2 - 2nd April

We'll begin day 2 at the top of Dale's Gorge on the Eastern side of the park at 0530.

From here we'll photograph the sunrise, and quickly make our way down the walkway to Fortescue Falls, and then Fern Pool. This is likely to be a fast-paced morning, so that we can photograph both waterfalls whilst the light is good!

 After photographing Dale's Gorge, We'll return for a late Breakfast and have some downtime again.

The afternoon/sunset shoot for day 2 will be at the base of Mount Bruce.

Day 3 - 3rd April

Sunrise from the top of Knox Gorge, meeting again at 0530.

After photographing Knox Gorge from above, we can descend to get some shots of the crystal clear rock pools below. It is quite a steep walk, so we'll take our time here.

Late Breakfast/ Downtime will follow the Knox shoot.

Afternoon Shoot at Joffre Gorge - If the water here is flowing, we'll head down into the gorge and get some shots before photographing the sunset from up top. If there is no water, we'll spend more time scouting, and finding the perfect composition for our sunset shoot.

Kermit's Pool, Hancock Gorge.

What to bring:

For this workshop, you'll need to have your own transport to and from all of the destinations. Many of the roads throughout Karijini National Park are still unsealed, and whilst a 4x4 isn't essential, extra care should be taken when driving on these roads (especially at dusk/dawn as there is a lot of wildlife) spare tyre is a must.

You'll need to book your own accommodation, you can choose whether to book a Eco Tent, or a camp site. I recommend booking your campsite through the Eco Retreat, as it is the most central location in the park.

Please bring ample drinking water for your stay - the average max temperature for Karijini in March/April is 31°C
You will need to bring all of your own food throughout the workshop dates - I have planned the three days so we are out shooting in the best possible light for landscape photography, but this means we will be often having a late breakfast/early dinner, and will not make it to the Eco Retreat to purchase meals.

We'll be doing a reasonable amount of walking to get to our photography destinations on some of the days - Please wear enclosed shoes and note that there are some locations where we will need to get our feet wet! I usually have a dedicated pair of older sneakers, which I don't mind getting wet. It can be extremely slippery in some areas of the gorges.

Recommended Photography Equipment

Photography equipment is NOT supplied. At a minimum, you need your own camera, tripod, lens(es), memory cards (with plenty of space), and batteries (fully charged).

If I could only choose one lens to bring with me on this trip, It would be an Ultra Wide Angle. ALL of the images you see on this page have been taken with a 10mm Lens (crop sensor camera). I would recommend a 14-24mm for full frame users, and a 10-24mm for crop sensor users. A 24-70mm Wide Angle lens is also a great addition for landscape photography.

A good, sturdy tripod is highly recommended. You'll want one that allows full control of the leg angle, as this can be critical for setting up in tight spaces. I recommend that you have a ball head attached to the tripod also, as this will allow you to easily level your camera once set up.

I recommend a Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL), these are great for removing glare off of smooth rockfaces, and cutting out reflections on water so that you can see through & bring out the vibrant Karijini colours.
The effects of a CPL filter can not be replicated in post processing, where as there are ways around not having Neutral Density Filters.

Lastly, as we are spending a large amount of time near water in the gorges, I highly recommend purchasing a drybag to place your camera gear in whilst we are hiking near water. Having your gear in a drybag will provide peace of mind, and allow you to (if you are keen enough) swim your gear across bodies of water for more photography opportunities.


The workshop price is $500 for your first day - or $400 for consecutive days. Attending all 3 days will cost $1300. You do not have to attend every day, but there is a maximum of 3 participants & priority will be given to those wishing to book for the entire workshop.

A FULL refund will be provided, if for any (unlikely) reason I need to cancel these workshops.
If you need to cancel, let me know prior to 7 days before the starting date and you will receive a FULL refund. If you let me know after the 7 day mark, you'll still receive 60% of you money back (exceptions may be made depending on the reason for cancellation).

Please fill out this form to accompany your booking: Karijini Booking Form

Bank Transfer is the preferred method of payment, PayPal is accepted too with a 1% surcharge.

To book: 

Please transfer the funds to - BSB: 016341 - Acc: 472815742

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