Learn Photography Online

Introducing a new educational platform for photographers! Learn landscape photography at your own pace, either in the comfort of your home, or on the road.

I am continuously adding to, and updating the educational content on Patreon based off of user feedback. I want to help as much as possible for your photography endeavours.

More than an Online Photography Course.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to take amazing nature photographs? That is exactly what we are dedicated to teaching over on the Nature By Nathan Patreon community. I have been inspiring others and selling my photography for 7 years now, enough to make a full time career as a Professional Landscape Photographer, and I want to help you reach your goals too.

In recent years a lot of my time has been dedicated to running Photography Workshops and Multi-Day Courses at some of the most stunning destinations in Western Australia. I have a passion for helping others in their photographic journey, and I understand that it can be an overwhelming process for beginners, so I am only sharing the specific information you need to be a better landscape photographer. I also understand that not everybody has the time and availability to attend an in person course, so to help more photographers improve their work I am now providing online learning services via Patreon. This will have have regular additions and updates.
What's included:

- Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop Post Processing Tutorials (19 videos available at the time of writing)
- Photography Equipment Recommendations & Maintenance Tips
- Before & After Post Processing Image Comparisons
- Insight on the ENTIRE process of creating stunning Landscape Photography images. (Behind the scenes with a full-time, professional photographer)
- Composition Tips & Advice
- Links to external resources for photographers
- Downloadable PDF Educational Guides
- Discounted workshop & tour prices
- Photography Locations to visit (Western Australia)
- Ongoing support in your endeavours (I prioritize messaging Patreon subscribers over general public)

I  promise a minumum of 9 educational posts each year to ensure your continuous learning.

All of this information when applied will help you to take amazing photographs and is suitable for all photographers from beginner to advanced levels.





A great photograph starts with the correct on location technique.

But is almost always refined and polished through post processing. There are so many techniques to use in Photoshop and Lightroom that can help bring out the best in your images. Knowing which technique to use, and when to use it is key to creating clean, print-worthy photographs.

I share educational videos covering the full process of creating great photographs from start to finish, there are no secrets here!

Subscription Tiers

Early-bird Subsciber

AU$5/mo  (SOLD OUT)

The early-bird offer will give a maximum of 10 subscribers who join up before 01/03/2022 everything in the pro subscriber tier at a heavily discounted low rate for the lifetime of their subscription. This early-bird offer is available for the first 10 subscribers only, and if you unsubscribe you will then need to use either standard or pro to gain access again.

Standard Subscriber


For the photography enthusiasts. A standard subscription will allow users to access all of the educational content and exclusive posts shared, with the exception of the GPS coordinates & location information.

Plus Subscriber


Includes all of the benefits from the Standard subscription + exclusive photography specific tips & information, GPS coordinates and directions to a rotating selection of photographs (updated once every two months). As well as this, Pro subscribers will receive even further discounts on workshops.