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Silence Corner Atoll

$189.00 AUD

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Specially designed for landscape photographers, allowing users to quickly adjust the camera angle on a tripod. It looks like a lens tripod collar but is mounted on the camera, instead of on the lens. While it is mounted, you can still change lenses.

- ATOLL S for Sony Mirrorless Cameras.
- ATOLL C for Canon/Nikon and other Mirrorless Cameras.
- ATOLL D for DSLR Cameras.

For lower height cameras, a Heightening Plate can be added to align the ATOLL with the centre of the camera's lens.

Available in black or silver.

Please check compatibility images before making an order!


  • The quickest, easiest and most innovative solution to rotate the camera between portrait/landscape orientation
  • Much faster than using an standard L-bracket plus the centre of gravity is more stable than using an L-bracket
  • L-Brackets need to be released from tripod clamp, re-positioned and fixed back to the tripod clamp = Atoll simply requires a knob to unlocked and the camera can be freely rotated between portrait and landscape
  • When rotating Atoll there is 3 click points at 0, 90, 180 degrees to ensure the image remains level
  • Compatible with ALL Tripods – Atoll features an Arca Swiss compatible foot and is instantly compatible with all Arca compatible heads or use the 1/4″ mount with any other tripod.
  • Quickly change lenses without needing to remove the Atoll or remove the camera from a tripod
  • Fully compatible with ALL tilt and articulating screens
  • Compatible with selected mirrorless cameras, see compatibility chart.

✱This product includes✱

  • Ring Base X1 :    Max Lens Diameter 63.5mm
  • Camera Plate X1 : Standard Plate
  • 4mm hex wrench X1
  • 3mm hex wrench X1
  • Spare Link Screw X2
  • Spare 1/4"-20UNC Screw X1


Available in Australia only.