The Top 5 Best Beaches In Dunsborough - Western Australia

Dunsborough is a coastal town situated within the Geographe Bay on the west coast of Australia! The surrounding beautiful beaches, rugged coastline, and crystal clear water make it perhaps the most scenic town in the Southwest corner of WA. It is clear to see why this is one of the states most popular destinations for both overseas tourists and local West Aussie's on a weekend getaway.

Where is Dunsborough, and when is the best time to visit?

Dunsborough is located just 200km South from the Perth CBD, and it will take a little over 2.5hrs to reach by car from Perth.

Other nearby towns include Margaret River, Busselton, Bunbury, and Augusta. Dunsborough is the perfect base to explore the Southwest if you are staying for long enough it is an easy day trip to experience any of the other local towns and their attractions.

The best time of year to visit Dunsborough beaches will depend on how you would like to experience them.
- Between December and February, the days are often warm and sunny. This time of year is best if you want to swim at the beaches, and with that calm clear water of Geographe Bay looking so inviting you will need a lot of will power not to dive in!
- Between June and September the Winter weather is frequent and you can experience the power of the Indian Ocean as the swell meets the rugged coastline between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin.
- From September - November you can witness the mass migration of Humpback, Southern Right, and Blue Whales as they head South. Sometimes within just a few hundred meters of the coastline.

How accessible are the Beaches?

All of the locations mentioned in this guide are easy to visit within a short drive from the Dunsborough townsite and minimal walking required, but there are plenty of opportunities to go for a hike if you'd like! Hiking trails in Dunsborough range in length from a few hundred meters to the multi-day Cape To Cape adventure!

The top 5 beaches in Dunsborough

5. Point Picquet

Point Picquet is just 10 minutes out of Dunsborough, on the Eagle Bay-Meelup Road.

This is one of the best whale watching areas in the Southwest and the Humback Whales can often be seen in very close to the shore between Spetember - November. For easy access to the sandy beach west of the point, park in the Meelup Walk Track parking area and cross the road to the beach. This sheltered bay is the perfect spot for a swim!

4. Canal Rocks

Canal Rocks is a 14 minute drive from the Dunsborough Townsite, at the end of the aptly named Canal Rocks Rd.

There is usually a sandy beach to the East of the boat ramp, but sand can get washed in and out seasonally so sometimes it is a little rocky. The main attraction of canal rocks is the boardwalk between the canal, where you can watch the swell push over and between the large granite rocks.

3. Bunker Bay

Bunker Bay is accessed via Bunker Bay Rd and for the best sandy beach to go for a swim I recommend turning down Farm Break Lane where there is a restaurant and public toilet all within a few metres of the beach.

The white sandy beach and clear water stretches for over 1.5km, so even on a busy Summer day you will still be able to have a section of beach to yourself!

2. Injidup Natural Spa

Injidup Natural Spa is 16 minutes from Dunsborough, at the end of Wyadup Road.

This sheltered rock pool is a popular destination for obvious reason. As the swell crashes against the back of the rocks that protect the area from the open ocean, water flows through the gaps and down into the pool creating a tidal waterfall and natural spa bath. This is the perfect place to relax on a sunny day in the Southwest!

1. Castle Rock Beach

Last but definitely not least is Castle Rock. Just 8 minutes from Dunsborough, Castle Rock Beach has a great stretch of sandy beach and some stunning rugged coastline further along.

This is perhaps the most photogenic beach in the Southwest and the perfect place to spend the day exploring the coastline.

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