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A guide to The Waterfalls of Perth

$19.95 AUD

This is a 42 page PDF guide all about the Waterfalls in and around the Perth region of WA. In the guide I share the location of 24 individual locations, many of which contain more than one waterfall. The locations within this guide are certain to keep you busy exploring the local area over Winter.

For Photographers: I have included 9 pages of information on how to get started photographing waterfalls. The information covers necessary equipment and my process of actually taking the photos. In addition to this I have included when to visit, and the best time of day to photograph each individual location.

- Apple users please note: There is a formatting issue on some of the default PDF viewing devices for Apple products. If viewing on an Iphone you may need to download a free alternate PDF viewer from the App store. If viewing on a Mac you can do the same or choose to open with your web browser (Google Chrome & Firefox confirmed to display correctly), Safari browser will have the same formatting issue.

- Purchasing Terms & Conditions: As this is a digital product, all sales are final and irreversible once the order is complete. You can not download the product, access the information, and then expect a refund. If you have any hesitation or doubts on this product, contact me with your concerns PRIOR to purchase. It is an offence to re-distribute this guide to others without the permission of Nature By Nathan.