The Top 5 Best Beaches In Western Australia.

Western Australian covers over 1/3 of all the coastline in Australia, and is home to undoubtedly some of the best beaches in the country, if not the world! The coastal scenery is ever changing as it spans through all 10 regions in the state. In the far south you will find some of the most pristine white sandy beaches in Australia, then as you head north the landscape transforms from flat coastal dunes, towering sea cliffs, and even unique red sand beaches.

The contrast in colours are a sight to behold, and the cool water provides refreshing relief from the hot Australian sun! Have you ever wondered, which beaches are the best in Western Australia?

Here are the best beaches in Western Australia!

For the purpose of this guide, the beaches will be listed in order as if you where travelling from north to south along the WA coastline. All of the locations can be accessed with little to no walking, and these Western Australia beaches are all accessible for 2wd vehicles.

The best time of year to visit these beaches will depend on how you would like to experience them and their geographic location.
I will list specific information under each of the beaches, but as a general rule northern beaches are best experienced April to October, and beaches in the southern half of the state are best visited November - March.

There are plenty more beaches to see in WA and some fantastic places may require a 4x4 to access, but majority of the good stuff is easy to reach.

The top 5 beaches in Western Australia

5. Coconut Wells, Broome

The picturesque Coconut Wells is located 22 minutes north out of Broome, with a carpark at the end of Denham Rd.

Coconut wells is best visited in the dry season (specifically May to September) when the days are warm and sunshine is plentiful! I recommend that you time your visit for high tide when the large lagoon by the carpark is full. If you have a 4x4 vehicle you can drive further north along the sandy trails from the car park(be mindful of the big tides and avoid driving too close to the waters edge), to where a series of hundreds, if not thousands, of stunning rock pools are revealed as the tide recedes. This beach is dog friendly!

If you don't have a 4x4 it is only a 1km walk from the car park to the rock pools. Broome is a coastal town in the Kimberley region of WA, made famous by it's beautiful and unique beaches. Check out my Kimberley gallery to see more Broome inspiration.

4. Coral Bay Beaches

The aptly named Coral Bay provides easy access to the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef. The Coral Bay township is small but there are a number of places to eat, gather supplies, and there are multiple accommodation options right by the sea.
Best visited between April - October, the beach along Robinson Street is right in town, it is the most popular location for a swim & snorkel in the area. On low tide you can walk out on the sand to where it drops off and as soon as you enter the water there is beautiful coral reef and plenty of marine life to see! Dogs are not allowed on these beaches.

Just a 4 minute drive south from the town centre along Monck Head Drive, and you will reach the boat ramp. Take a left as you walk down the boat ramp to access a beautiful beach which is complimented by some stunning little sandstone cliffs. This is often a great option to visit if the previously mentioned beach is a little too busy for you. There are many more beautiful beaches in this region which can be seen in my Gascoyne & Midwest gallery.

3. Castle Rock Beach, Dunsborough

Castle Rock Beach is just 8 minutes from Dunsborough on Castle Rock Road within Meelup Regional Park. It has a great stretch of sandy beach and some stunning rugged coastline further along. There are facilities such as a BBQ & Public toilet at the car park too. There are no dogs allowed in Meelup Regional Park.

This is perhaps the most photogenic beach in the Southwest and the perfect place to spend a Summers day. Best seen between December & March, it is also worth noting that many of the other beaches within Meelup Regional Park are similar and worth checking out. There is also a walking trail that follows the coastline here and links Castle Rock with a few of the other beaches. I have some more information on Dunsborough beaches on my Top 5 Best Beaches In Dunsborough - Western Australia page.

2. Elephant Cove, Denmark

Located just 20 minutes from Denmark, Elephant Cove is a beautiful sheltered beach located within William Bay National Park. There is a car park on William Bay Road with signs for Greens Pool & Elephant Rocks, both of which are worth checking out! Dogs are prohibited in William Bay National Park.

Take the coastal trail past greens pool and down the board walk and you will emerge from the narrow walkway between two granite boulders onto this stunning sandy cove, a great place to spend a Summer's day! I recommend visiting between December & March. Check out my Great Southern gallery to see more beaches and scenery in the nearby area.

1. Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park

Lucky Bay is certainly one of the most pristine beaches in Australia, with sand so white and pure that it squeaks (seriously!) as you walk across it, and that calm clear blue water in a sheltered bay. If that wasn't enough to make this one of the best beaches in Australia, then the fact that there usually are some very friendly kangaroos lazing about on the beach (you might even have to share your shade with them) will surely do it! Please note that dogs are not allowed in Cape Le Grand National Park.

Lucky Bay is the best beach in Australia in my opinion. You can get here via a 50 minute drive east from Esperance. Follow Merivale Rd until the Cape Le Grand turn off. Best visited in the Summer months (December to February) and even then Esperance can still have a few cold and cloudy days, by Western Australia standards anyway. A lot of the coastline around Esperance is similar with the granite hillsides and pristine water, you can find more in my Goldfields gallery.

Thanks for reading!

There they are, the top 5 best beaches in the Western Australia!

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