Upcoming Photography Workshops & Tours.

Nature By Nathan photography workshops/tours have ranged in length from 2hrs to 15 days.

Nature By Nathan has been running photography courses all across Western Australia for over 6 years, with the goal to share the love for photography and the outdoors so that others can appreciate the magnificent natural attractions on offer all around Australia.


After over 6 years of continuous workshops and tours, we are taking a break in the beginning of 2024 to focus on another project. I hope to resume around April 2024 with a multi-day tour. If you are interested in joining us on a future event, please sign up to the mailing list below and you will receive an email when we have something planned.

Check back for more workshop announcements at a later date, or sign up to the mailing list to hear about it first.

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Hi Nathan

I wanted to send my sincere thanks for your personalised tuition and flexibility to ensure we all had a fantastic learning experience during your recent Cervantes-Jurien Bay Landscape and Astrophotography Workshop.

Your workshop provided me with plenty of new information which I could put into practice there and then, and review with you in a timely manner.

With only six participants doing the workshop, we all received plenty of individual tuition which I found very helpful, especially in reinforcing your suggested techniques to take a quality and striking image.

The locations for each session provided unique photographic opportunities, I gained much new knowledge, which I can now put into practice.

I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. We had a wonderful group of like-minded participants who were happy to share their personalised knowledge when it came to camera equipment and were great to chat to.

Thank you and I look forward to reviewing and editing my photographs and applying my new knowledge when out and about photographing.

With kindest regards,

- Lindy R.

I have attended two of Nathan’s photography workshops and have found these to be incredibly thorough and excellent value for money. Nathan is extremely knowledgeable in his craft and would highly recommend his workshops.

I am also a Patreon of Nature by Nathan and find his content very useful - again providing excellent value for money.

- Emma K.

Went on Nathan's 4-day photography workshop adventure in Karijini in April 2022 and it was one of the most amazing experiences! Nathan was not only an incredible teacher when it came to capturing breath-taking photos, but also an awesome guide through the Park over the 4 days; extremely generous with his time and knowledge. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend every workshop to everyone!

-Phoebe D.

Small group photography workshops (up to 6 participants).


Small group workshops will be displayed on this page as they are announced.

Starting in the afternoon and finishing shortly after sunset. Choose from a variety of pre-determined locations in the Perth region, or request your own location.

Set up your camera for landscape photography
Learn which camera gear is necessary to shoot landscape photography effectively. Includes appropriate lens selection, filters, tripods and more. Having the right gear for landscape photography will help you to get the best results possible.

Camera Modes & Understanding Your Histogram
Manual Mode simplified and when to use it. How to find the correct ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed to correctly expose your images. 

Composition Techniques
Learn how to create captivating images & use composition techniques to make your images stand out from the rest in a positive way.

Planning Your Shots, & Working With Natural Light Effectively
Get the most out of your images – Plan your shoots around the best times of day for photographing with natural light. Tips on predicting a great sunrise/sunset etc.

Post Processing Tips
Choose the best format to shoot in if you intend editing your images post-shoot. How to shoot with intent to edit (Includes blending multiple images to achieve full dynamic range, creating panoramic images etc.)

What to Bring:
You will need your own camera, lenses, tripod etc. Please ensure you have space available on your memory cards, and that batteries are charged.

Post Processing Video Tutorials - COMING SOON!


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