Upcoming Photography Workshops & Tours in Western Australia and the Northern Territory

Nature By Nathan is owned and operated by Perth landscape photographer Nathan Dobbie. We run regular photography courses/tours which range in length from 2hrs to 7 days.

Nature By Nathan has been running photography workshops all across Western Australia for 4 years and our goal is to share the love for photography and the outdoors so that others can appreciate the magnificent natural attractions on offer all around Australia.


Jurien Bay Photography Workshop 

20th - 22nd October | Maximum 6 Participants | $750pp


 Join me for a 3 day photography getaway to Cervantes !

Over the weekend we'll be visiting the world famous Pinnacles Desert and the Cervantes sand dunes. Here, otherworldly landscapes are waiting to be captured by your camera! With multiple visits to both of these locations you are sure to come away with some stunning imagery.

Located just 2 hours North of Perth, this is the perfect short getaway for photographers.
This small group workshop is aimed at beginner - intermediate photographers. As there is a maximum of 5 participants, you are guaranteed to have plenty of individual guidance.

This 3 day workshop is set to have a strong focus on Astrophotography, but as the weather is unpredictable I can not guarantee clear skies for this. I'll be walking each and every participant through the entire process of capturing the night sky using a digital camera.

What's included?

- 4 unique photography locations

- 2 on location astrophotography shoots (weather dependant)

- 2 on location sunset photography shoots

- 2 on location sunrise photography shoots

- Wide Angle Astrophotography Educational Bundle (1x PDF Guide, 3x post processing videos)

Booking and Info here.

Noble Falls Landscape Photography Workshop

Sunday, October 30th. 3:45PM - 6:45PM

$220pp - Maximum of 5 participants.


Noble Falls is located just 45 minutes from the Perth CBD, it is one of the most photogenic waterfalls of the Perth Hills, and also, thanks to a large catchment area it will flow for majority of the year.

This is a practical photography class consisting of an on location shoot at sunset, where our focus will be capturing Noble Falls in stunning afternoon light. I will coach you through choosing the right settings with your camera in manual mode, teach you to nail your focus every time, and show the benefits/effects of a few lens filters.

In addition to the on location shoot, I will also be sending out a video demonstration on how to get the most out of your images using Adobe Lightroom &/or Photoshop. This will be available to reference at any time after the workshop.

Booking & info here.


Coming Soon

2023 Workshops & Tours

Gibb River Road & Kimberley 2023

May 3rd - 17th - Prices from $6990

MAXIMUM 6 PHOTOGRAPHY PARTICIPANTS (family & friends are welcome on this trip if travelling in your own vehicle)

Join Nature By Nathan and Kimberley Dreaming for the trip of a lifetime on this 15 DAY tour across Australia's premiere travel destination: The Kimberley.

This is the ultimate photography tour for landscape photographers in Australia. We will begin the tour with 2 days in Broome before heading inland to the begin the world famous Gibb River Road drive. Here there are gorges and waterfalls galore, and as we are doing this trip early in the season there is likely going to be a lot of water flow.

We'll be travelling the Gibb for 10 days before arriving in Kununurra for the night, and then spending our final 2 days at Lake Argyle, one of the most beautiful destinations in the state.

More info.

Northern Territory - Top End Photography Tour

May 22nd - 27th 2023


Join Nature By Nathan and Seng Mah from Venture Photography Workshops on this 6 day landscape photography workshop in the tropical Northern Territory.

On this tour we will be visiting the outback town of Katherine which is well known for it's rugged and beautiful landscapes. We'll photograph the Katherine Gorge from the towering viewpoints of Nitmiluk National Park, walk through lush rainforests around the waterfalls of Litchfield National Park, and swim in pristine freshwater hot springs in Elsey National Park.

All of our beautiful photography locations are within 4 hours from Darwin, and our longest drive will be just 3hrs and 20 minutes, with majority of them being much shorter!

Booking & more info here.

Perth Astrophotography Workshops (seasonal)

No doubt one of the most popular workshops that I hold. We are incredibly lucky to have such dark skies in Western Australia and it is no surprise that many wish to photograph those stars!
But Astrophotography doesn't come with out it's challenges. Weather is a determining factor of a successful astro shoot.

With that in mind, I don't often organise astro workshops too far in advance. Instead, I ask you to fill out the Astrophotography EOI form to let me know you are interested - and then I will contact you when the forecast is promising!


I have spent the last quarter of my life completely engrossed in photography. As a self-taught photographer, day in and out I research, and put into action techniques for creating captivating images. I want to share that with you.

As a specialised landscape photographer I can assist you in your own personal endeavours through what I have learned. There are absolutely no secrets kept in my photography workshops, and that's how I believe it should be.

I offer small group workshops(up to 6 participants), and online learning via Patreon.


Available as a small group workshop.

Starting in the afternoon and finishing shortly after sunset. Choose from a variety of pre-determined locations in the Perth region, or request your own location.

Set up your camera for landscape photography
Learn which camera gear is necessary to shoot landscape photography effectively. Includes appropriate lens selection, filters, tripods and more. Having the right gear for landscape photography will help you to get the best results possible.

Camera Modes & Understanding Your Histogram
Manual Mode simplified and when to use it. How to find the correct ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed to correctly expose your images. 

Composition Techniques
Learn how to create captivating images & use composition techniques to make your images stand out from the rest in a positive way.

Planning Your Shots, & Working With Natural Light Effectively
Get the most out of your images – Plan your shoots around the best times of day for photographing with natural light. Tips on predicting a great sunrise/sunset etc.

Post Processing Tips
Choose the best format to shoot in if you intend editing your images post-shoot. How to shoot with intent to edit (Includes blending multiple images to achieve full dynamic range, creating panoramic images etc.)

What to Bring:
You will need your own camera, lenses, tripod etc. Please ensure you have space available on your memory cards, and that batteries are charged.


Available as a small group , or online workshop.

Bring your images to life using Adobe Lightroom, and/or Photoshop. These workshops can be run in the comfort of your own home, or at a public meeting place such as a local cafe.

Software Overview
If you are new to Photoshop and Lightroom, these programmes can be very overwhelming. I'll give you the run-down and start off with the very basics such as importing & exporting images, finding your way around the software etc. (we'll skip this if you're already using these programmes)

Image Format For Optimal Processing
RAW Vs. JPEG photographs. The difference shooting in RAW will make when post processing. (with examples)

Follow Along Edit
Together we will edit an image from start to finish (mine or yours). Through previous post processing workshops, I have found this to be the most effective process to learn how and when each of the tools can be used to achieve stunning results.

Recommendations, Coaching, Q&A
The remainder of the workshop will be spent coaching you on how to tastefully process your images. Ask as many questions you like.

What to bring:
You need to have your own laptop with Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom installed (Lightroom Classic is the preference). I recommend up to date versions to get the most out of this workshop. Ensure you have all the images you would like to edit on your computer ready to go, or on a memory card with you.

Online Workshops are run via Zoom video conferencing - a free application  that can be downloaded to your computer.

When making payment for a workshop, you are agreeing to the workshop terms and conditions.


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