Post Processing Workshop (Practical Session) - March 2024

March 24th 2024

$195, Places limited!

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Venue:  Kalamunda ZigZag Centre.

Suitable for beginner and intermediate photographers. In this 4 hour post processing workshop we will be learning Adobe Lightroom and have a brief introduction to Photoshop. 

These practical, in person classes will be based around nature photography disciplines but much of the information shared is transferable between different genres. We will be doing a "follow along" style class for much of the workshop to ensure that nobody gets left behind throughout the course.


Kalamunda ZigZag Centre (9:00am - 1:00pm)

Part One - An Introduction To Adobe Lightroom Classic.

We will be starting out with the very basics of Adobe Lightroom Classic, as if you are a first time user, however participants who have used this software before shouldn't be discouraged as there is always something new to learn for everybody. Part one will consist of a quick demonstration then a follow-along edit.

Class files will be sent out to participants prior to the workshop date.

Key learnings:

- Shooting techniques to prepare for better post processing opportunities

- File management

- Adobe Lightroom overview

- Importing and exporting images from Lightroom

- Locating missing files

- Basic photo editing (changing colour & contrast, sharpening, make your images stand out!)

- Watermarking images

Part Two - Editing Your Own Images!

In part two it is time for you to edit your own images and practice newly learned techniques. I'll be making my way around the venue and assisting individuals as necessary. Here you will have the opportunity to ask for feedback on our edits and how best to achieve the desired look for your images.

Part Three - An Introduction To Photoshop.

In part three I'll be leaving Lightroom behind to demonstrate the power of Adobe Photoshop for editing. Photoshop can be an overwhelming piece of software for many people as they first open it up because there is so much that it can do, however many of the features aren't relevant everybody. I am going to demonstrating some of the techniques that I use in Photoshop which aren't available in Lightroom.

Key Learnings:

- An overview of Adobe Photoshop. This includes opening a new project, saving files, and exporting final images

- Layers and layer masks explained

- Adobe Camera Raw processing

- Object removal in photoshop

Requirements & what to bring:

To properly partake in this post processing session you require your own laptop computer, it must have installed, up to date versions of, and be capable of running Adobe Lightroom Classic.

If you are a first time user I recommend opening up the software and making sure there are no issues with your computer prior to the course, as we may not have time to troubleshoot in class if you are having technical difficulties.

What to bring:

- Laptop computer with Adobe Lightroom CLASSIC & Photoshop installed

- Charging cable for laptop (we do have access to power at our venue)

- Something to write notes with if necessary

- Download class files (which will be sent out a few days prior to each workshop) onto computer prior to each session




The workshop price is $195 and there are is a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 participants. In the event the minimum numbers are not met and the workshop can not run, all payments will be refunded.

To Book:

- Please fill out this form to register your interest in attending this workshop.

- Once enough forms have been completed, I will contact guests in the order of completion. In the event of more than 8 bookings, I notify all sign ups of their position in the wait list.

Please ensure you can attend the workshop prior to booking, as we can not offer a refund or credit for a future workshop if you change your mind and your place can not be filled. We do however allow bookings to be transferred to an alternate guest. Full workshop terms and conditions here.

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